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Andolini had spent the day in the start-up incubator at Place de l'Hôtel de Ville in Lyon, working on his latest project, his website . As he took a break to go to the cafeteria, he spotted a young man sitting at a table, engrossed in his laptop. Andolini immediately noticed the stranger's good looks, short-cropped black hair, deep brown eyes and dark skin. The intriguing stranger was dressed in a white T-shirt and tight jeans, and Andolini couldn't help but notice the muscles showing under the fabric. He approached the table and greeted the young man with a friendly smile. "Hi, my name is Andolini. Are you new here?" The young man looked up from his laptop and looked him straight in the eye. "Yes, I just arrived from South America. My name is Marco and I'm here to create my website selling adult products. Andolini was intrigued but also amused. He introduced himself to Marco as he too was in the adult content business and the two men began discussing each other's projects. Andolini was impressed with Marco's passion for his project and his desire to succeed. He felt that this young man had incredible potential and could help him achieve his ambitions. The evening passed quickly, with the two men chatting and exchanging stories. Andolini found that he enjoyed Marco's company and found him to be funny and intelligent. At the end of the evening, Andolini managed to arrive before Marco at the door of his Airbnb. This gave rise to a first episode that concentrated in the entrance of the apartment and ended on the bench. After this first episode, Andolini proposed to Marco to meet the next day to discuss his project in more detail and see how they could work together. The next evening, Andolini and Marco met in a small café on the banks of the Saône. Andolini had taken the time to think about how he could help Marco achieve his goals. Together, they assessed the strengths and weaknesses of Marco's project and began working on a solid business plan. Andolini was happy to be able to use his skills to help a new friend, while Marco was grateful to meet someone who shared his passion for entrepreneurship. Following this productive point, Marco was no longer holding out for a new episode with Andolini. Marco began to make Andolini feel under the table his need to renew the experience. Andolini realized that he could get his faithful playmate, DaddyXXXL, to help Marco. The continuation in images ... here

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